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Enzyme (enzyme), is actually the old translation of the enzyme. Enzymes are biological macromolecules having biocatalytic function, i.e. the biocatalyst, which can speed up the biochemical reaction, but does not change the direction and the product of the reaction. That enzyme can only be used to accelerate the speed of various biochemical reactions, but not the biochemical reaction itself.
What are enzymes? Enzyme is the "enzyme", commonly known as a catalyst. Including the salivary amylase, the enzyme pepsin, bile lipids enzymes, and spleen / pancreas secretes enzymes is the most comprehensive, spleen transport into acquired, the enzyme supplement is Spleen. Nutrients must go through enzymes that break down to less than 15 microns, it can be absorbed by the capillaries, conversion and utilization. Thus, lack of enzymes, will be lack of blood, add enzymes that add blood! Enzyme Diet
Enzymes are not diet pills, its main role is trans fat, excess fat into energy and water, to achieve weight loss without rebound effect fundamentally. Because obesity is a metabolic disease itself, but the enzyme directly increase fat metabolism, and improve metabolic capacity, so for the most obvious effect of fat type obesity, weight loss can be achieved month 5-15 kg.