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    Customer Evaluation
    Saturn Bio-Group successfully provide the aloe vera softgels well with high quality in the specified time!
China Natural avocado extract exporter

Natural avocado extract

China Boswellia Serrata Capsule exporter

Boswellia Serrata Capsule

China Brazil Acai Berry exporter

Brazil Acai Berry

China Lycopene Softgel exporter

Lycopene Softgel


China Chia collagen composite powder meal replacement factory

Chia collagen composite powder meal replacement

Products Chia collagen composite powder meal replacement Nanjing Tongrentang green gold home professional R & D team developed for, and proven healthy fat loss technology to provide healthy and safe for the majority of the Chinese are currently obese ...More
China Chia factory


Chia seed effectiveness: a comprehensive nutrition to provide energy, lose weight, laxative, improve immunity, contend aging, prevention of cardiovascular disease. Thirteen kinds of benefits of chia seed consumption 1. Full Camp ...More
China L-carnitine coffee factory

L-carnitine coffee

L-carnitine L-carnitine coffee black coffee + + collagen, the golden ratio low calorie high satiating tastier and more nutritious younger delicious ≠ gain weight Isa SLAB carnitine coffee so you can always enjoy the delicious L ...More
China If the barley leaf juice factory

If the barley leaf juice

Fatigue effect, clear the stool, weight loss, beauty beauty, effectively remove facial acne spots age spots various issues; prevent cardiovascular disease; lower blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose; rebuild basic physical ...More
China Brazilian green propolis factory

Brazilian green propolis

By clinical trials, Brazilian green propolis regulate immune function, has a broad anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect. Mainly by activating the body's macrophages, enhance immune function due to non-specific. Skin inflammation, ulcers, mouth ...More
China Natural avocado extract factory

Natural avocado extract

[Effect] avocado, camphor pear, Lauraceae (Lauraceae), oil pear (Persea Mill.) Evergreen fruit trees. Avocado fruits rich in vitamins (A, C, E and B group vitamins and other series) , a variety of mineral elements ...More