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If the barley leaf juiceIf the barley leaf juiceIf the barley leaf juiceIf the barley leaf juice

If the barley leaf juice

  • Title: Barley leaf juice (wheat grass powder)   
  • Product Features
  • Our annual supply of 100 mesh -500 mesh large grass powder and wheat grass powder, default hair Barley flour, wheat flour customers need, please contact customer service, barley grass powder fineness of less than the standard number, unconditional refund.
  • Barley powder production process: raw materials into the plant - Select finishing (cleaning) - pelletizing - rinsing - (hot cooking) - Drain - Push sieve - drying - chosen --X-ray examinations - mill powder. Bacteria, microbes, pesticide residues completely extinct. Customer orders are welcome.
Fatigue, clear the stool, weight loss, beauty beauty, effectively remove facial acne spots age spots various issues; prevent cardiovascular disease; lower blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose; basic physical remodeling; enhanced liver and kidney function, relieve stomach inflammation, relieve all kinds of all kinds of diseases. 

Action principle
→ Remove the dietary fiber intestinal endotoxin (fecal gut if not discharged, toxins will be re-absorbed by the intestinal wall into the bloodstream)
Chlorophyll → purify the blood, anti-inflammatory, removal of heavy metals, toxins drugs
SOD and other active enzyme (also known as active enzymes) → Troubleshooting pesticides, chemical toxins, resistance to peroxide radicals, preventing cell mutation
Calcium, potassium and other minerals, a large number of basic ion → acidic toxins in the body (by the intake of other acidic foods decomposed acidic toxins)
Green juice detoxification method
In this way many Japanese, Taiwanese artists are used, many women choose to drink green juice. The so-called green juice, is to use barley leaves, tender shoots of wheat and other pressed into juice or readily available. It can bowel detoxification, improve constipation, anti-radiation, because it contains a lot of dietary fiber, persist for some time, the people will feel refreshed, and long-term drinking can also improve the user often allergies and Zhangdou skin.
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