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Century-old brand, thrive

September 2015, Nanjing Tongrentang green gold home health care products Ltd. and Nanjing Saiteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. Nanjing Tongrentang is a century-old enterprise, has Wujibaifeng like, and a number of state secrets Angongniuhuang varieties, the brand value of more than 40 billion yuan; green gold online is China's largest online trading of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Taiwan, the annual trade break through 140 billion yuan; joint venture between Nanjing Tongrentang green gold home health care products Co., Ltd. is a powerful combination on their own characteristics, the big breakthrough in the health field. Nanjing Saiteng creatures join in branding, marketing promotion, deepen customer education, product series and a series of wide-ranging cooperation in the field, so that a hundred years font exudes a more splendid glory.