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Natural red yeast riceNatural red yeast riceNatural red yeast rice

Natural red yeast rice

  • Traits
  • Monascus pigment is deep purple liquid or powder or paste, slightly smelly, do not dissolve in water, glycerol, soluble in neutral or alkaline aqueous solution. In the following medium pH4.0, decreased solubility, easily soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerol and their aqueous solutions. A melting point of 160 192 deg.] C, an aqueous solution of a maximum absorption wavelength (490 Soil 2) nm, the maximum absorption wavelength of ethanol was 470nm, the solution bright red when thin, thick dark brown with time and fluorescence. PH of environmental stability, almost free from metal ions (Ca 2 +, Mg 2 +, Fe 2 +, Cu 2+) and 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, oxidizing agent such as sodium sulfite, a reducing agent of. Heat resistance and strong acid, its alcohol solution UV fairly stable, but by direct sunlight can make it fade. Excellent coloring property of the protein, once dyed, that does not fade.
Functional red yeast is recognized as the world's best irreplaceable drug prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, safe, non-toxic side effects. As we all know, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of current threats to life in the elderly population, suffering from high cholesterol and high blood cholesterol is one of the main causes.

Purpose and usage

Red yeast rice is a major inventions in ancient China, Song Dynasty has red yeast used in food and medicine, red yeast rice has been described in the Yuan Dynasty medical efficacy. For a long study of Chinese and foreign scholars have amply demonstrated the majority of the Monascus pigment with high security, with a very good stability in all known natural pigment, the natural pigment is one of China's food regulations allowed. Recent studies have confirmed the efficacy of red yeast health care.


Monascus as a natural bright shades, security, stability, colorants with certain health effect has been widely used in food (meat, soy, wine, fruit juice, soft drinks, candy, cakes), medicine, cosmetics, etc. industry. Especially sausage processing industry, to improve product quality, the effect is very good.


Monascus has a good solubility in water, the product can be dissolved in the desired amount of water directly or alcohol, then add ingredients coloring. The amount may be based on the desired hue.

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