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Tongkat AliTongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

  • Name: Tongkat Ali
  • ? The taste: bitter, cool?
  • Effect: heat, dampness jaundice, impotence
  • Function: To improve the fertility and improve sexual function, improve human immunity to increase physical fatigue, Qiangshen antimalarial function, anti-cancer function
Legend of tongkat ali       
   According to legend, folklore in Southeast Asia with a story. There is a local Aboriginal elders called Muhammad Ali, entered the primeval forest hunting Ali 90 years old, because lost trapped, exhausted, he even eat Tongkat Ali and physical doubled and eventually going through hardships, hung back Tongkat Ali tribe . Locals make surprise a few months gone Ali, but a lot of young, original disease left him. Later, Ali before telling the same tribe, and lead them digging tongkat ali and eat.  
   In the 19th century, resistance to British colonial rule the people of Malaysia, in the swamp    Miasma between mountains to escape the British resistance to hunt and circuitous time, is to    This is known as Tongkat Ali plants for medical purposes. Year    When the Malaysian Anti-British hero end 基劳 (Mat Kilau) died at the end, at the age of    124 years old, is said to worship the effect of the gift of this holy medicine, everyone is really astonishing.

Tongkat Ali - magical plant   
  Tongkat Ali of whole trees are rare, Has high medicinal value of wild herbs, especially It is the roots. Its long history of magic, In folk medicine as a traditional village in Southeast Asia And tonic for centuries of history, both Can be used for single herb can also be an important feature for the prescription Drugs, local people are convinced of its effectiveness cure all diseases.
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