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Instant bird's nestInstant bird's nestInstant bird's nestInstant bird's nestInstant bird's nest

Instant bird's nest

  • [Product name]: Jin Si Yan instant bird's nest
  • [] Ingredients: water, bird's nest, rock sugar, food additives: Agar
  • [Specifications]: 75g / bottle * 3 solids content ≥35%
  • [Product] Standard: Q / QBBC001S
  • [Production License Number]: SC10931011800406
  • [Usage]: open cans of instant
  • [Shelf Life]: 18 months
  • [] Storage conditions: stored at room temperature in the shade, open cans be refrigerated, use this formula within 24 hours after opening
  • Tips: If you find that the projections do not buy safety button

Nanjing Tongrentang A-Level Security Bai cup instant bird's nest

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1, lungs Yin, stop lung deficiency cough, reduce lung lesions. The deficiency of the lung including asthma, shortness of breath, chronic cough, bloody sputum, hemoptysis, hemoptysis,bronchitis, Sweating, hot low tide.

2, tonic stomach, stop stomach of vomiting. Stomach Yin deficiency induced nausea, retching, gurgling sound.

3, where the illness weakness, tuberculosis injury, loss of gas each disease, withBird's nestFor food can Yin tune in.

4, antiperspirant, Qi, sweating of the spleen, frequent urination, nocturia.

5 peopleskinSmooth, elastic and shiny, soReduce wrinkles.

6, bird's nest containing a variety of amino acids, infants and children can eat long wisdom, increase thinking, anti-sensitive, the shortfall has its days.

7, pregnant women during pregnancy,Prenatal and postnatalEating, there tocolysis complement of fetal effect.

8, bird's nest is a natural increase in body fluid food, and contain a variety of amino acids, for esophageal cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, which are suppressed and a counter effect.

Fresh bird's nest has significantly improved 9, where the after-effects after radiotherapy, chemotherapy-induced, such as throat, sore throat, swelling, constipation, hoarseness, nausea and so on.

10, bird's nest sweet nature, nourishing yin, is beneficial nutritious food, health diet effect, is the popularity of health foods.

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