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The import of Maca extract

The import of Maca extract

  • Name: imported Maca extract
  • Origin: Peru zhengning county hu
  • Specifications:1%&2.2%
  • Extracted parts:Maca root
  • Color:Light yellow to brown
  • Packing specification:10 kg/barrel
  • OEM:OK
  • Relevant certificate:Japan's GMP certification
Product synopsis: Maca, by 2000 an Aboriginal Disen began planting. From the beginning of the Inca Empire, is a rare privilege to enjoy the food. Also as a prize to combat the soldiers, in order to protect the soldiers have a strong physical strength to fight. Now is mainly used for strong muscle, recovery fatigue, enhance immunity, improve male sexual function, regulate women's menstrual cycle, cancer, improve menopause barriers, etc..

Efficacy: Strong muscle, improve fatigue, enhance physical strength and immunity, improve male sexual function, regulate the woman's menstrual cycle.
① The standard of the functional components of benzyl glucosinolates
② The content of benzyl glucosinolate was 2.4%, the highest in Japan
③ Has good solubility in water
④ Abundant evidence of security (toxicity test, Ames test)
⑤ The effect of abundant evidence(Enhance endurance, fatigue resistance, curb weight gain)
⑥ GMP certification of health food in Japan

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