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Tongkat ali root capsules

Tongkat ali root capsules

  • Product formulations: Tablets
  • Product Name: tongkat ali capsules tablets
  • Shape: Capsule
  • Part I: Root
  • Health effects: can be physical, to lower cholesterol, gout, heat diuretic, reduce diabetes, balance blood pressure, blood sugar and treatment of prostate and other cleaning effective. Who tongkat ali contain a variety of alkaloids, but also to treat malaria, allergies, fever and other diseases, in addition, it also contains a variety of elements can be anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-rheumatic and so on, for men and women of all ages . Tongkat Ali has Qiangshen; the treatment of gout; anticancer; promote fertility; treatment of prostatitis; anti-malarial and other effects of female body with enhanced resistance, improve sleep, improve winter palace, increase libido and other effects.

Packaging and amplifiers; delivery

100 / bottle
For more information: By 25 kg / barrel, with double plastic bags, can be customized.
Delivery details: Payments received after 5 days

Technical Specifications

1.10: 1, 25: 1, 50: 1100: 1200: 1 
2.Dark brown fine powder 
3.100% pure natural 
4.No pollution 
5.GMO free

The main chemical components:

eurycomanone, eurycomanol, eurycomalactone; one alkaloid variety canthine -6-

Tongkat Ali is grown near the equator in Southeast Asia originalRainforestIn moist sandy soil of a wild shrub, maturity is generally more than five years. Height 4-6 meters up to 12 meters, trunk diameter of 8-10 cm, the most thick up to 15 cm. Little forked branches, leaves grow on the top of the umbrella-shaped. Its root nor fork, the deepest into the earth up to 2 m. Tongkat Ali roots have a variety of effects, andBird's nest, Tin together and called the three treasures of Malaysia. Studies have shown that tongkat ali root (especially core) contains a number of plant chemicals that can promote the production of testosterone, testosterone is the male sexual hormone needed is a hormone needed for brain development.
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